Welcome to Oxus Travel

Oxus Travel brings over 15 years of experience in the field of Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) manufacturing to our oxygen travel service. We are able to give you, the oxygen traveler, the benefit of our knowledge on the operation and safe use of Portable Oxygen Concentrators while on your journey. Whether it be superior maintenance of the POC, outstanding technical support, or fast and friendly customer service, you can count on Oxus Travel to meet your oxygen traveling needs.

The Zen-O™ Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) gives you the independence to go where you want, without worry. You can take your Zen™ POC on an airplane, cruise, train, bus or car. Follow the links below for important and helpful tips for travel.

The Oxus Travel team helped me arrange a POC for my trip in December 2017. I felt that I received the best of care. They were very conscientious making sure the equipment would arrive on time and that I knew exactly what to expect. In today’s world it is rare to come across the kind of customer service Oxus delivered. I really appreciate the wonderful service and equipment that Oxus Travel provided.

Karen, Phoenix AZ