1. What is a Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)?
A POC is a small, portable medical device that separates oxygen from other gases in ambient air and dispenses the concentrated oxygen to the user. POCs do not contain compressed oxygen and therefore, are safe for use on board aircraft and with other modes of travel.
2. How does the POC operate?
The Zen-O™ POC will operate from a wall outlet (AC Power), an automobile charger (DC Power), or by running off the rechargeable batteries. Please refer to the Quick Start User Guide and/User Manual for more information on how to operate the Zen-O™ POC.
3. What setting do I use the POC on?
The Zen-O™ POC can operate on pulse mode or continuous mode. In pulse mode, the device will deliver a pulse of oxygen at the beginning of each time you inhale. In continuous flow mode, the device will provide a continuous flow of oxygen, but will consume more power and have a shorter battery life. Use the mode button to alternate between pulse mode and continuous flow mode. The flow rate can be adjusted by pressing the “+” and “-“ keys on the device. Select the flow rate that is prescribed by your physician.
4. What is required by me to confirm I receive the POC prior to my travel?
After we receive the Travel Oxygen Intake form from your DME Provider, we will contact you to confirm your order, your shipping address and departure date, and discuss applicable payment responsibilities, if any. We must also receive a signed Rental Agreement back from you prior to shipping your Zen-O™ POC.
5. How do I complete the Rental Agreement?
The Rental Agreement can be downloaded and printed off of our website under the Support Page: Travel Oxygen Rental Agreement. Once completed, you can send it back to us by:
  • Email: travel@oxusamerica.com
  • Fax: 248-475-0938
If you are unable to download and print off of the website, please call us at 248-622-5890 and we can mail, email or fax it to you. This must be completed and sent back to us as soon as possible to confirm your reservation. We cannot ship the POC until the Rental Agreement is received.
6. What does the Optional POC Insurance cover?
The insurance coverage includes damage resulting from normal use and/or accidental damage not due to abuse or improper operation. You will have the option to purchase insurance for $40.00 for the entire trip. Insurance does not cover lost or stolen equipment. If the portable oxygen concentrator or a part is missing or stolen, you will be responsible for the replacement cost of the equipment or part missing.
7. Will my Medical insurance cover the rental of the POC and additional services?
Insurance companies generally do not cover travel associated oxygen costs. We also do not bill any medical insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid. Although we are unable to bill medical insurance companies, we can provide you with a receipt which you can try submitting to your medical insurance company for reimbursement.
8. What happens if I break the POC?
If returned equipment appears broken due to misuse, you may be responsible for a minimum charge of $100.00 up to a maximum charge of $2,500.00 for the inspection, testing, and repairs that are required to return the POC into service, unless it is covered by terms of insurance that you may choose to obtain. If the equipment or part cannot be repaired and the insurance has not been obtained, you will be notified and will be responsible for the designated replacement cost of the equipment or part.
9. What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?
If you cancel your reservation prior to shipment, we will refund your payment in full. If you cancel after the POC has already been shipped, full charges still apply. Make sure to contact us at 248-622-5890 as soon as possible if you need to cancel your order to reduce the chance of the unit already being shipped.
10. What kind of cannula do I need to use?
You will need to use a 7 foot, high flow cannula that is suitable for at least 15 LPM. The recommended model to use is Salter Labs 1600 HF cannula, and one will be provided to you with your shipment
11. Can I bring the POC on an airplane?
Yes, the POC can be carried on board aircraft. The Zen-O™ POC has met all of the FAA acceptance criteria and labeling requirements for use on board aircraft. The label on this device with the following statement in red lettering: “The manufacturer of this POC has determined this device conforms to all applicable FAA acceptance criteria for POC carriage and use on board aircraft,” is the indication for passengers and aircraft operators that this POC meets all the FAA acceptance criteria. See the Travel Tips Page for further information on traveling on an airplane.
12. Will I need extra batteries?
It is recommended to carry enough fully charged batteries to operate the POC for at least 150% of the expected maximum travel time duration, allowing time for any possible delays. The amount of batteries required will depend on the duration of your flight, the setting you are using, and your breaths per minute (BPM). At a setting of 2 pulse on 18 breaths /minute, a single battery will last approximately 4 hours and a dual battery will last approximately 8 hours. However, when using the device on a higher setting, if you have greater than 18 breaths/minute, or on continuous mode, the device will consume more power and have a shorter battery life.
See the tables below for further information on approximate battery life:
Pulse Setting Approx. Battery Life
1 Battery Installed
Approx. Battery Life
2 Batteries Installed
Breath/Minute (BPM) 30 BPM 18 BPM 30 BPM 18 BPM
Pulse 1.0 3:00 4:00 6:00 8:00
Pulse 2.0 2:30 4:00 5:30 8:00
Pulse 3.0 2:00 3:00 4:00 6:00
Pulse 4.0 1:30 2:15 3:00 4:30
Pulse 5.0 1:10 2:00 2:20 4:00
Pulse 6.0 0:45 1:45 1:30 3:30
Continuous Setting Approx. Battery Life
1 Battery Installed
Approx. Battery Life
2 Batteries Installed
Cont. 0.5 3:00 6:00
Cont. 1.0 1:45 3:30
Cont. 1.5 1:15 2:30
Cont. 2.0 0:45 1:30
In pulse setting, the battery life is dependent upon the number of breaths per minute (BPM). The above chart reflects a low of 18 BPM and a high of 30 BPM.
Give us a call at 248-622-5890 and we would be happy to help you calculate the amount of batteries you will need for your trip.
13. How long does it take to charge the battery?
Typical battery charging periods for a completely discharged battery on Pulse Mode or on Continuous Mode settings 0.5-1.5 varies from <3 hours with 1 battery installed and <6 hours with 2 batteries installed. The typical charging period for a completely discharged battery on 2.0 Continuous is <4.5 hours with 1 battery installed and <9:00 with 2 batteries installed. Times will be shorter for a partially charged battery. Please note: While connected to the DC Power Supply and the device is set to Continuous 2.0, the battery will be maintained but no charging will occur. (Battery charging times will be longer if charging the battery while in use.)
14. What happens if the POC stops working while I am traveling?
We want you to travel safely. During the duration of your trip, Oxus™ Travel Program is ready to assist you with 24-Hour technical support in case your Zen-O™ POC is not properly functioning. The majority of malfunctions that may occur can be fixed by utilizing our troubleshooting guide (included in the packet we ship you and also located on the Support Page of this website.) If the unit will require a replacement, you can call our 24-Hour Support at 248-729-1567, and we will ship you a replacement unit at no charge to you. It is still important to have a backup plan.
15. How do I return the POC back to you?
It is your responsibility to ship the equipment, including the pulse oximeter back to us in the same container you received it in. We will include a UPS Call Tag for you to use to return the equipment back to us. To schedule a pickup, you can contact UPS @ 800-742-5877 OR Schedule a Pickup online at www.ups.com → shipping → schedule a pick up OR you can drop it off at your local UPS store. There will be a charge from UPS for package pick up from your home.
16. When do I need to return the POC?
The equipment will need to be returned to Oxus immediately upon your return from traveling. Re-package the Zen-O™ POC and take it to the nearest UPS store. You may be responsible for a weekly rental rate if the equipment is not returned in 3 business days.
17. Can I keep the pulse oximeter?
You will have the option to purchase and keep the pulse oximeter after your travel event for the cost of $40.00. If you do not wish to purchase the pulse oximeter, you must return it in the same container you received it in, along with all of the other equipment. Give us a call @ 248-622-5890 if you would like to purchase and keep the pulse oximeter.